Accounting and Taxation


Services Offered

  • DTI /SEC
  • Business Permit
  • BIR
  • SSS
  • Philhealth
  • HDMF

 – Data recording sales, receipt, disbursement, etc.
 – Reconstructions of books of accounts
 – Preparation of financial reports
Tax Compliance
 – Withholding tax returns for compensation and expanded
 – Alphalist of payees (MAP) as attachment to withholding tax expanded
 – VAT and percentage tax
 – Quarterly VAT and VAT relief
 – Quarterly income tax return
 – Annual/Quarterly summary alphalist of withholding agent of income payments subjected to tax withheld source (SAWT) as attachment to quarterly income tax
 – Annual alphalist of expanded/compensation withholding tax
 – Certificate of creditable tax withheld form 2307
 – Certificate of compensation payment/tax withheld for compensation payment with or without taxable withheld
 – many more….

  • Processing payroll
  • Processing 13th month and other bonuses.
  • Calculation of withholding taxes on compensation and remittance thereof to BIR
  • Calculation of statutory contributions and remittance thereof to SSS,HDMF and PHIC
  • Processing of payroll related deductions such as loans,advances,and remittance thereof to SSS,PHIC,HDMF
  • Preparations of employee payslip
    Calculations of final pays of resigned employees.
  • Preparation of audited financial statement and annual income tax return with auditor certificate and compiler certificate.
  • Processing tax clearance and other special government compliance.
  • Estate tax
  • Preparation of GIS
  • Processing of Increase of capital stock
  • Processing of amended articles
  • Processing open cases
  • Processing closure of Business Registration.
  • Handle all BIR Cases

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